Farshid Hosseini
Design is not a word or a definition. It is a window to a world of various knowledge.

Engineer Farshid Hosseini, born in 1361 in Tehran, is one of the well-known architects in the world of art and architecture. Engineer Hosseini's projects include various fields including commercial, administrative, residential, industrial, research, and educational. Due to the unique activity he has undertaken in this field, he has been honored to receive numerous awards in the most prestigious national competitions.

  • 210 Successful Projects
  • 21 Years of Experience
Farshid Hosseini

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Iran Architecture Center

Design is not a word or a definition. Design is not a word or a definition. It is a window to a world of various knowledge, a story that cannot be repeated every time for the same subject. This story only needs to take a moment to solve all the equations without the slightest doubt for the audience of that space. Therefore, we have become aware of the principle that every person has his own style, and this requires inspiration from design texts and changes in the body of each story, and each design has its own style related to the listener. the designed space should be a launching pad story for the future. We see each project as an opportunity to climb.

After completing more than 200 projects in various fields, including residential complex, villa, office, commercial, interior and exterior design, roof garden, and other finished projects, we are still thinking about improving this story. It is important what space you give us to design, because the needs of each space vary based on the type of space, its function, and your wishes. In 1380, Farshid Hosseini decided to bring his design experience and discipline to the canvas in the form of an official collection for employers with the establishment of Farho Architecture Studio. The approach of works designed and executed in Farho Studio is to create a different feeling and experience in creating works and still adheres to its basic principles. The new methods used to complete each project make the employer feel indescribably satisfied with the way of inspections.

Using completely realistic simulations of projects, including animations, renderings, diagrams, and technical reviews, changes the client's perception of the design before implementation. Also, in the initial reviews of a project, Farho Studio has always tried to make use of the best technologies and the tests required initially. The research and development unit always tries to improve this path by examining the necessary parameters in this field. In the Farho Architecture Studio complex, the use of new materials and methods has always been a priority and it is improved for each project according to the characteristics of that project. Farho Studio Design Group is always ready to cooperate with audiences who care about the quality of their space by using the best and most lasting ideas and providing the most optimal solutions. We always believe that the space designed with thoughtful parameters leads to the value, quality and change of people's lifestyle and can be a means to improve people's lifestyle.

"We believe that our ideas are an incomparable poem, the sound of which is a comfort for our listeners"